School Improvement Plan

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Division of City Schools
City of Muntinlupa
District of Muntinlupa

SY 2010-2013


Muntinlupa I

Division of Muntinlupa National Capital Region DivisionRegion


Soldier’s Hills Elementary School provides basic education to children in the pre-school, primary, and intermediate grade levels. It also caters to the instructional need of the hearing and visually impaired through SPED classes handled by well-trained Special Education teacher. It also currently gives basic training in computer operation through its non-formal education program.

Strategically located near churches, residential house, SHV Homeowners’ Covered Count, Civic Organization’s office, internet café, store, supermarket, and barangay police detachment, it build on a 7,344 square meter lot area in Soldier’s Hills Village, Muntinlupa City. Its pupils consist of children from diverse economic condition of which around 80%

belong to families living below the poverty line, while 20% are either just within or little above it.

The l-shaped lots of the school is adjacent an open creek which serves as one of the main drainage system of the village. It’s soil and environment is tree and plant friendly. The water table beneath its provides water through a deep well pump, clear enough for washing purposes, but not safe for drinking.

Since its establishment, the school has been thriving on donations, local fund, national fund, and fund-raising projects. Its building and facilities are monument of the concerted effort of its school employees, the General Parents and teacher’s Association (GTPA), the pupils, the alumni, the local and national government units, the politician and the civic organizations.

Manned by 46 teachers, 13 support personnel and headed by one school principal, SHES is still on a great struggle to raise the achievement of pupils through its painstaking efforts. With a class size ranging from 50 to 70 and a pupils to book ratio of 1:5, teachers are compelled to make to do with book sharing schemes and teacher-made charts to supplement the insufficient number of books.

Despite the established fact that SHES teachers ranked first in some standardized test 9 i.e. Math test for teacher (Divison Level i.e. conduction by Dr. Marmeto), Civil Service Scholarship Examination , and Principalship test ), their pupils consistently ranked last in the Divison of Muntinlupa for several years, in standardized test that were prepared by the division supervisors.

Faced with the challenge of dealing with pupils who have nutritional handicaps learning difficulties, inadequate instruction support from their parents and poor self-discipline , the school is determined to dream big fro the pupils it has vowed to nurture and to prepare for a great future.

With the strong belief that what we say is what we get, the vision for Soldier’s hills Elementary School has thus been stated in present terms. Soon this vision will become a reality.


The Vision
|Soldier‘s Hills Elementary School is an educational organization commit to produce highly | |motivated exemplary citizen who re independent, cooperation and value-driven individuals. |

The Mission
|The Transform the child into an A1 person and develop his innate genius so he can soar high | |academically, make productive use of his talents and be a citizen of note-worthy moral | |values. |

The School and Community Profile

A. Community Profile

The pupil populace come from the school’s surrounding community. Around 90% are from families living in the slum area where both foods and water supply is a common problem and ailment besets them...
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