School Health Program

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Chief Minister Student Health Programme:

This programme was launched on 15th April 2010 by chief minister of Himachal Pradesh .The main objective of this programme was to conduct a general health check up of all students .In addition to general health check up dental ,eye and other ailments were also checked up .Another important aim was to deliver health talks to educate students regarding prevention of diseases .

Main Guidelines are :

1 .The school health day will be a complete day for school health from 9 am to 5pm. 2 .Preliminary screening will be done by health workers and school teachers jointly in each school from primary to Sen. Sec. schools. The preliminary screening will be done in campaign mode and shall be finished up to the month of Aug.2010. There should be a health talk by the health worker on the local health issues, prevention of diseases ,health and hygiene (clean toilets and safe drinking water ) 3.Medical camp will be organized for health check up at middle school level (the children identified in the preliminary screening in various schools shall be gathered by the school authorities to the middle school on the camp day )as there are 4334 cluster middle schools. 4.The plan to cover all the middle schools will be prepared by the BMO concerned with the school authorities keeping in view the local conditions and the manpower. 5.The medical team will comprise:

(a)Medical Officer (one male, one female ) -2 (b) Medical Officer Dental -1, Dental Hygienist/ Mechanic -1 (c) Ayurvedic Medical officer -1 (d Health Supervisor (1 male/ 1 female ) -2 (e)Ophthalmic assistant -1 (f) Pharmacist ( one allopath, one ayurvedic ) -2 (g) Male Health Workers...
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