School Going Children- Lazy & Disease Prone

Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Western culture Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 17, 2012

The advent of mordernisation and westernization has provided humans lots of comforts alongwith a great help in development of our country. But on the other hand, it is also affecting the children of our country adversely. Especially, the school-going children are gradually being detached away from physical labour and healthy foods, resulting which they are becoming lazy and disease prone. Increasing facilities, augmentation of internet use among children, fast foods, T.V.,etc. are the root causes behind this. Today, many a children use school buses or cars for commuting to school; very few can be seen going to school by cycle or on foot. This reduces their physical capacity and also exempts them from fresh morning air. Their food preferences clearly reflects the impact of western culture on them, as most them prefer fast foods like burgers, colas, etc. Having negligible nutritional value, these foods contribute in making children obese, weaken body’s resistive power and make body prone to diseases and ailments. Furthermore, outdoor games can be seen vanishing among the children. A large proportion of children are interested in playing computer and mobile games. In their leisure time, they often like to do internet surfing, listening music or watching T.V. instead of increasing their creativity. Continuous and excessive concentration on computer, T.V. and mobiles cause eye problems and make them weary and sleepy. Parents’ proper guidance to their children can help in ceasing the discussed problem to a great extent. They should try to send their children to school by cycles or on foot and make them acquainted with the ill-effects of junk foods. It would be effective, if they make a daily routine for their children in which they fix their time for recreation & studies. However, an active support of children is also required for serving the purpose.
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