School Factors Responsible for Educational Under Achievement

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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The labelling theory has an impact in this discussion.
Labelling someone and the person which then makes the victim take in what they are labelled as. For example, Asians are labelled as ‘smart and brilliant at math’s’ – if an Asian is not up to that name, they would feel like an outcast which makes me and others think that the labelling theory is a false and negative accusation. Even the opposite! The Asian child could think ‘well I’ve got this; I’m Asian so therefore I am smart!’ Teachers will judges pupils and say they are trouble makers, stupid, smart etc. Males are dominant and smart, hard workers?

Females are proven to get the best exam results?
All these stereotypes also go under ‘school factors that are responsible for educational under achievement’ Especially for a black male or female.
Stereotypes ideas that the males are most likely gang members, rude behaved and teen fathers (young parents) and will probably drop out of school or college. Young black females known for rude behaviour, teen mothers and are most likely to also drop out of education. These stereotypes can give confidence and make the students want to prove the stereotype and racist ideas wrong! This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When a teacher puts pupils which are for example good at maths in the top set and in other lessons they will be in the top set. This way isn’t really good because the pupils may be bad in some subject but good in one particular needed subjected but yet still stay in the top or low set they are placed in. Streaming means- separating the pupils into different categories/groups/sets/classes Setting means- putting the pupils with the exact abilities together for certain lessons. On the other hand of setting and streaming, it tends to put down and categorise pupils which are in lower sets as failures and the people who are in high sets as ‘achievers, most high’

There are self-fulfilling prophecies, the pupils think to themselves that they are...
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