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Project Synopsis


Talk & Test
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Table of Contents

|S. No. |Topic Name |Page No. | |1 |Title of the project |1 | |2 |Introduction and Objectives of the project |3 | |3 |Module Description |4-5 | |4 |Analysis (DFDs, ER Diagram) |6-13 | |5 |Data Structure |14-16 | |6 |Software & Hardware Tools |17 | |7 |Security Mechanism |18-19 | |8 |Future Scope & Limitations & References |20 | Introduction & Objectives Of The Project

2.1 Objectives

Objective of this project is to provide user friendly interface to the .Net professional, student, and aspirants to come and check his skill on the .Net platform. User can ask or reply to any question that is posted by other member. User can also vote for the post that was posted by some other user.

2.2 Introduction

Talk & Test are like a keynote speech where the speaker (blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience. Talk & Test are journals often authored by one individual, and sometimes teams. In the context of business communication, these are often used to talk with the marketplace and to join the conversation that existing external bloggers may be having. It’s an online discussion group. Online services and bulletin board services (BBS's) provide a variety of forums, in which participants with common interests can exchange open messages. Forums are sometimes called newsgroups (in the Internet world) or conferences. Talk &Test is a web based application that is developed to help java students and professionals. User can test their java skills by taking online test (topic and complexity wise), they can add their questions that can be answered by other users of the forum. They can create topic wise chat list, upload and download examples and codes etc

Major Modules of the application are:

1. Registration Module
2. Administration Module
3. User Module
4. Forum Management Module
5. Test Module

Brief Description of Modules:


Through this module a person can register with the website. A registered user can add new group/s, join forum, and submit post and others. Valid email id is required as user id.

Admin is the only authorized person who governs this site. He can perform following activities:

1. Set Test
2. Edit/Delete Test
3. Reports


Once user made registration with us, now he can manage his profile and also various other features like:

1. Edit Profile
2. View Post Messages
3. Add New Group
4. Join Group
5. View All Group
6. Submit Post
7. Test Skills
8. Delete Group Name

Forum: It provides platform where all registered or non registered user can view the queries and those solution but for putting the queries it is required that you must be registered user, without registration you can’t put up queries and can’t discuss on any problem.

Test: TALK&TEST is proud to announce the largest collection of .Net certification question and practice question. As a professional any...
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