School Daze

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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The second movie that I am analyzing is Spike Lee ‘School Daze,’ which came out in theaters in 1988 and was filmed on Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse Campus.
In the beginning of the film, just like ‘She’s Gotta Have It,’ there are pictures and the song being played is “I’m building me a home,” through out the first three minutes of the film. From what I have seen I believe that Spike Lee is introducing the film to us. It is showing where African Americans came from and our growth through time. The song is for how ‘home’ for college students is the institution they choose to go to. We as students are building a new home at the college that we are attending. The first picture I believe was shown was slave ships. Seeing this and hearing this made me realize that the movie was about black people. It was pictures of black leaders in our history such as Booker T. Washington and Malcolm X. Everything that was shown in the first 3 minutes as what we are taught in Historically Black Colleges.

Reading what Toni Cade Bambara wrote about the beginning of the film showed me that I wasn’t the only one who noticed what Spike Lee was trying to say. She states that, ‘The viewer is reminded that much of our struggle in this land has been about the rights to literacy and autonomy and further that the educational institutions we have built are repositories for much of our history. The film also claims a position for itself in that history. Mission College becomes one of the “homes” alluded to in the spiritual “I’m Building Me a Home.”

The next scene that really caught my eye was the dance seen between the Jigaboos and the Wannabees. It’s crazy that this movie had came out the year I was born and I still can say that that is still how black people act in our community. Light skinned and long hair is still looked upon as more beautiful then dark skinned and kinky hair. It is even in our rap lyrics today. In Lil Wayne ‘Right Above It’ lyrics he states, “Uh, how do he say...
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