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1.0 Introduction
Human resource has been regarded as the most important asset in an organization. The human resource plans, directs, organizes and controls all the other resources in the firm to ensure that the objectives are met. It should be noted that, it is expected that the senior management in a firm should appreciate the employees in the junior positions so that they can feel motivated to work towards the achievement of the goals of the firm.

Human resource is the biggest challenge because to accomplish the objectives of an organization, human resource has the capability of emotions, feelings and thought to achieve higher productivity and organizational performance.

Organization performance is affected by number of factors, but one of the significant factors is motivation which affects the productivity to a large extent. To manage the existing organization performance and to motivate them for better performance, efficient motivation practices have become more important in all organizations. To survive in the today’s global and competitive market, all factors of production- machine, material and men should be managed in an impressive way.

According to Harvard Management Update (2006), most companies have it all wrong. They don't have to motivate their employees. They have to stop de-motivating them.

The great majority of employees are quite enthusiastic when they start a new job. But in about 85 percent of companies, our research finds, employees' morale sharply declines after their first six months and continues to deteriorate for years afterward. The fault lies squarely at the feet of management both the policies and procedures companies employ in managing their workforces and in the relationships that individual managers establish with their direct reports.

Many companies treat employees as disposable. At the first sign of business difficulty, employees who are usually routinely referred to as "our greatest asset" becomes expendable.

Employees generally receive inadequate recognition and reward: About half of the workers in our surveys report receiving little or no credit, and almost two-thirds say management is much more likely to criticize them for poor performance than praise them for good work.

Management inadvertently makes it difficult for employees to do their jobs. Excessive levels of required approvals, endless paperwork, insufficient training, failure to communicate, infrequent delegation of authority, and a lack of a credible vision contribute to employees' frustration.

Motivational factors play an important role in increasing employee job satisfaction. This will result in improving organizational performance. High productivity is a long term benefits of employee motivation. Motivated employee is a valuable asset who creates value for an organization in strengthening the business and revenue growth. Motivation is going to work if the right person with suitable skills is made responsible for the job or otherwise it will be the wastage of resources and time, and will lead to job dissatisfaction.

Organizations aim to build a business model with a workforce trained to serve customers in different ways. Employees who give their best performance will positively affect organizational performance. Employees who give less than their best create gaps in performance for the organization. Your business can benefit from a management team that motivates employees to increase overall business performance. In any organization, the issue on productivity of employees is always related to the subject of motivation. If the employees feel appreciated in their place of work, they feel like they are part of the firm they work for or even like they own the firm and will always put efforts to ensure that the firm grows. This will eventually increase the...
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