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The curriculum in today's schools has survived relatively unchanged for many years. It was created in a completely different world, one where computers were not used and jobs for the uneducated were easy to find. The world has changed significantly since then, but should the education system? School is strongly believed to be a place of knowledge and prepare us for our challenging life ahead. It provides us with the numerous educations and so, I consider that when one says that the school curriculum provides everything that the average teenager needs to know for adult life, I mostly agree however, there are some points that must not be ignored and put across such as lack of experience and trust which cannot be gained from just the curriculum provided by the school.

School provides us with a wide variety of subjects ranging from art and music to science and information technology. You are given the opportunity to choose from the various areas. Each subject is unique and has many occupations related to it. An average teenager would have enough information about each subject and respective fields. Then, he/she can wisely choose their profession as well as have a background about other subjects. A student will learn to do several tasks i.e. multitasking at school. Adults really require this specific skill to balance their work, family, social life and finances. Within a school, teenagers are provided with several tasks like projects and essays all together, so this adds to the development of multitasking but, this stays within the school.

Thus, lack of experience is one flaw which opposes the idea that the school curriculum gives the students everything they need for their future life. Surely, a school provides us with tasks regarding different topics but the skill is developed by themselves via diverse means namely the media and their social life. Experience and the knowledge of adult life are very important when a teenager enters the stage of maturity which...
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