School Closing

Topics: High school, Education, Public school Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: February 6, 2013
School Closing
Jeanise McCrea
American Intercontinential University

When I was in school many years age classes were over crowed and merely getting a seat was was an issue, and my parents paid for my education. Being a former resident of Philadelphia I completely understand why parents our out raged at our law makers. There is two sides to every story and I can truly say I understand both in this case. Politicans are also outraged by this what seems to an injustice to our future Doctors, Lawyers and law makers, which may be non exsistent in the future due to the buget crisis and our public as well as catholic schools losing the battle to low enrollment. One editor wrote (Dixon,2012) Why Isn't Closing 40 Philadelphia Public Schools National News? “In what should be the biggest story of the week, the city of Philadelphia's school system announced Tuesday that it expects to close 40 public schools next year and 64 by 2017. The school district expects to lose 40% of current enrollment to charter schools, the streets or wherever, and put thousands of experienced, well qualified teachers, often grounded in the communities where they teach, on the street”. The media has a way of getting their points across however, sadly this is true and close to my heart because I grew up in philadelphia back in the late 70s early 80s and it was no walk in the park than. Closing public and parochicoal schools will merely increase crime and damage our economy even more.

School Closing
In early January last year the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced that five catholic high schools as well as 44 elementary would be closing or merging to avoid having to close. Here we are a year later and the guns are locked, loaded and pointed directly at the inner city children. A couple weeks ago the Philadelphia public school system announced that they will be closing 37 inner city public schools. How can the children be our future and take our country to a better place if we...
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