School Captaincy Speech

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Good morning to everyone here today. For those who do not know me, I am _______ and it is my aim to convince you, my fellow students, to vote for me as ________school captain.
Throughout my years at _______ I have participated in numerous extracurricular activities which have advanced my skills and uniquely positioned me as an ideal School Captain candidate. Leadership. Through Debating and being a committee member in our schools Interact club I have developed advanced leadership skills, learning how to negotiate between two differing opinions and take charge of tasks, both skills that are essential for a school captain to initiate change. Humility. By participating in several community service projects I have learnt humility, how not to be flamboyant in the way I conduct myself, which makes me approachable by both students and teachers. After all, what good is a school captain people are too scared to even talk to? Networking. On occasions when I have represented our school at functions and meetings, I have learnt how to interact and network with those in respected positions. This is another key skill a school captain must have in order to present our school in a positive light as well as develop relationships with influential stakeholders in our extended community. Dedication. Through all of these endeavours I have displayed that I listen to the needs and desires of my peers, and I will not rest until those same needs and desires are met 100 percent, I will put all of my effort into achieving results. I do not have past experience in the Student Representative Council, but that does not make me a less worthy candidate. In many ways, it makes me a better option for School Captain. I am a fresh face with new ideas that could become reality as part of the SRC. These include; 1. A polling system to decide what types of fundraisers are used for raising money for our school. By having a say students will be more likely to engage in fundraising, enjoying it and...