School Bullying

Topics: Bullying, High school, Education Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 9, 2011
School bullying among children and adolescents has been the focus of many international studies over the last 30 years, all over the world. It was in the 1970’s that there was a revolution towards the way society viewed bulling. This occurred when Professor Dan Olweus from the University of Bergin began his studies in Earnest in Scandinavia. Not only was he the first to recognise the evils of bullying within schools, but also recognised bullying within the area social science. He was able to examine its nature and certain incidents with care and precision as they occurred in both Swedish and Norwegian schools. In his research, he described bullying as "mobbing," and defined it as “an individual or a group of individuals harassing, teasing, or pestering another person” (Janice Koch & Beverly J Irby, 2005, p.166). After some persuasion and debate with the Norwegian educational authorities, the importance of stopping bullying in schools was recognised. This cause the launch of a national campaign aimed at a systematic reduction of bullying. Two years later, evolution studies showed that the incidences of bullying had been reduced in schools around Bergen by 50 percent, due to Professor Dan Olweus initiatives. It was this scientifically designed intervention that encourage educationalist in many other parts of the world to believe that something could in fact be done about school bullying. This applied to countries such as America, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Australia. As a result, the world started to observe a clearer picture of the frequency of bulling within schools. During a nationwide survey in Norway in 1983, it was shown that 15 per cent of 7 to16 year old students were involved in some form bulling, 9 per-cent as victims and 7 per cent as perpetrators. Of these, 1.6 per cent was involved in both. Ireland showed that 31.3 per-cent of primary school aged students and 16.5 per-cent of secondary school aged students reported being bullied...
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