School-Based Marketing: What Limits Should They Abide By?

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Discussion Questions:

1. Should advertisers stay out of schools and respect them a “commercial free” zone? If not, what limits should they abide by in attempting to advertise to school-aged children and teenagers?

“The methods used by advertisers seem limitless (Rae and Wong 338).” Commercial advertising—whether we agree to the extent that is goes or not—has become a major part of our culture. So we should not be surprised of how it is now breaching our schools and directly affecting the children of this generation. I believe that youth should be exposed to brand commercialism at a young age so to not become culture shocked when they enter the “real world.” Yes, the case is revealing a valid point to which certain brands such as Coke can be a leading cause in childhood obesity and other health problems, but on the other hand, even at an early age children should be able to learn how to make right choices. Though some choices that children make will turn out unfavorable, these circumstances enable our youth to learn from their mistakes.

Though I think commercial advertising should be allowed to penetrate schools, I believe that a watchful eye should be made on students. In other words, faculty should encourage a healthy way of life, and encourage children to shy away from the over consumption of certain products. Undoubtedly for these children, they will most likely overindulge in such products that can be detrimental to their health, but if action is taken by their superiors (i.e. teachers and parents) our culture can enjoy the fruits of commercial advertising and the economic benefits that come along with this joint venture. These brands that are allowed in the schools can result in profitable partnerships between the two parties, and if a healthy relationship is reached positive outcomes can occur. Schools can enjoy sustained growth aided by the companies with little or no harmful affects done by in school advertising if certain precautions...
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