School Based Management of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 11 (2888 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Republic of the Philippines
Region X
Division of Gingoog City
Gingoog City

A Narrative Report on the Best Practices of School Based Management From 2007-2010 at Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School, Gingoog City

I- Introduction

In the recent years, there has been a growing international trend toward decentralization, devolution , and greater autonomy for schools in the public education system, with the goal of improving the quality education ( Beare and Boyd 1993; Moon 1996). Current arguments regarding changes in school governance and management aim in this direction although they travel under a variety of names. Such policy reformation is known as School-Based Management Reform in Canada and the USA ( Crown 1990), Local Management Schools in Britain (Wallace 1992), Self- Managing Schools and Devolution in Australia ( Caldwell and Spinks 1988; Sharpe 1993)and the Autonomous School in Israel (Reshef 1984). Regardless of the label applied , the terms are meant to describe “ a system of education enhancing the autonomy of members at the site level in creating advantageous conditions for participation, improvement innovation, accountability and continuous professional growth.

In the Philippines, governance of basic education shall begin at the national level. It is in the regions, divisions , schools and learning centers- herein referred to as the field offices-where policy and principle for the governance of basic education shall be translated into programs, projects and services developed, adapted and offered to fit local needs.

It is clear from this Declaration of Policy that the most important change in the governance of basic education must occur at the level of the school, “the heart of the formal education system.” School –Based Management is the institutional expression of such change.

The Department of Education has stepped up its efforts to decentralize education management – a strategy that is expected to improve the Department’s operating efficiency and upgrade education quality.

The Filipino nation struggles to work out towards transformation. It covers a number of areas of which education cannot help but relate to and be concerned with. At the moment, our society is undergoing rapid changes, bringing with it new aims, new ideas and new values. What is good and acceptable today may be obsolete tomorrow. To effect substantial reforms and change important consideration should like to be at the very root of our objectives. It is said that all change begin with the inner transformation of the human individual; and all that is attained by the bold programs of economics and social development are artificial and passing when not based and supported by the intellectual and spiritual development.

In the Division of Gingoog City, the Department of Education is trying its best to be effective in implementing the School-Based Management since the ultimate goal of all efforts should be to improve student achievement. It was observed at the school level that the school had an improvement and a high performance in academic and non-academic if people in school-site councils have a real authority over budget, personnel, and curriculum and changes are introduced that directly affected teaching and learning.

The school administrators are expected to be the leader and manager of the school. R.A. 9155 envisions the School head as both an instructional leader and an administrative manager.

In the Division of Gingoog City, School Administrators who generally comes from the ranks of teachers goes through a learning curve that must progress into becoming an effective educational motivator and instructional leader. Hence, there was a study that will find out what are the best practices in the School-Based Management as model for other schools and how School-Based Management practices contribute to the...
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