School Based Assessment for Learning

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School Based Assessment for Learning: A report: Assuring Fairness in the assessment component of school based assessment practice in Brunei

This article describes a research project study in depth carried out with 3 self-selected ‘educators’ teaching English language subject in one of the secondary school in Brunei. All are supporting standardized task provided requires flexibility to cater the students’ need individually. The paper explores the educators' conceptions of and approaches to school based assessment in relation to their teaching. It sets the discussion in the context of ‘assessment for learning’ and the literature on students’ learning in general and raising students’ achievement in particular. Drawing out a number of key themes arising from the study, I compare and contrast these with the existing literature. Finally I examine some implications of this assessment for learners’ development, and ways in which we could support learners in fostering their learning to achieve the aims of the education system of the 21st century. The researcher is seeing at different perspective of school based assessment for learning and if assessment is made for learners it should cater with different needs of each learner. Keywords: School-Based Assessment for Learners, Brunei Common Assessment Task, pedagogy, standardized

1. Introduction: School Based Assessment

School Based Assessment for Learning (SBAfL) is an assessment for learning tool which focuses on obtaining feedback on individual student’s development and performance in the four important domains highlighted in SPN21. Brunei is moving towards the changes as learner is seen as a main player in education, hence to support the changes towards assessment for learning; Brunei Common Assessment Task (BCAT) is implemented. The idea of the introducing BCAT is to make a transition or pedagogical shift between the old system to a new format SBAfL ‘School-Based Assessment for Learners’ instead ‘of learners’. In order to ease the transition, the curriculum department introduced BCAT, standardized SBAfL test. This paper therefore examines / aims to highlight significant aspect of school based assessment for learning and the lapses in existing practices. “Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.”

Assessment Reform Group (2002)

2.1 Objectives or purposes of SBAfL

The rationale behind school-based assessment
We first can start by looking at the overseas. Internationally, particularly in the West, many countries and almost all the examination boards have introduced school-based assessment. In fact, some countries, SBA contributes to 100% of the total assessment of the students. Typically, however, in countries such as Australia and the UK, it contributes about 50%. So, you must ask that: why have these countries and increasingly, why are other countries now following this example and introducing SBA?

First of all, the reason is to improve validity. It is to ensure that we can assess the full range of outcomes relevant to our subject. And this is to ensure that we are assessing those things that we are really value. But, there is another side of it; people often think that there is a bit of a trade-off between validity and reliability. Actually, what we know is that when school-based assessment is done properly, it can also contribute to reliability too. In other words, it can be ensure that the student has a more accurate assessment of their ability. Sometimes more accurate than can be obtained from a one-shot examination. So these are some of the reasons why we move to school-based assessment.

2. Review of Related Literature
The main research question is ‘to what extend school based assessment help students’ learning with the implementation of Brunei...
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