School and Tackle Vandalism Symptoms

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Complete Essay: Symptoms of vandalism in our country increasingly worrying many. Vandalism is the act of damaging public property or public facilities. Most of the symptoms of this vandalism committed by youths who damaged morals, a troubled youth and selfish. Those involved with these symptoms act like monkeys given flowers or do not appreciate the facilities provided. Usually they damage public telephones, breaking equipment in the park, doodle wall and so on. Therefore, before the sores become tokak, efforts should be undertaken to address the symptoms of vandalism. In line with this, the government in collaboration with the private sector needs to launch a campaign "Respect Public Property" or "Public Properties Joint Owned". The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of property or public facilities. The campaign also aims to encourage people to look after and the facilities provided for cooperation will bring blessings. The campaign will raise awareness of civic as well as personal form or moral character among the youth, in particular and Malaysians at large. Broadcast advertisements or conduct talks in schools / community halls can also reveal disadvantages vandalism / damage suffered by the people and the country. In addition, a positive attitude can be formed teenagers. Teens will be more responsible and realize that action affect either positively or negatively. Continuous campaign diakukan believed capable curb vandalism happened in our country. In addition, parents play an important role in helping the government pernan tackle vandalism symptoms. Parent-child relationship is like water will not be chopped off. Close relationship with the content like this should be used with nails to give children the perfect upbringing. Parents need to be a good example to their children. Kuihnya proverb how mold so clearly shows the importance of parental influence on their children. Since young children should be taught and instilled...