School and Parent Teacher Meetings

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1.The most critical problem in our local schools is alcohol and drug abuse and high level of pregnancy rate and children who become orphans at early age due to HIV/AIDS epidemic, these children end up becoming the head of the house hold and that makes it difficult for them to focus on their school work. Parent involvement and the community involvement can be first step in trying to solve these problem. Community forum need to be formed in order to come up with the solution as to what need to be done to overcome this problem.

The most critical problem we have nationally that I have identified is lack of resources, and the shortage of qualified teachers, some schools do not have even science lab or computer lab. In this case government need to come out with the best strategy on how to resolve the problem of staff shortage and lack of resources, what can be done is to introduce mobile computer and science lab for a time being while he still looking for more funding to help built more science and computer labs.

2.I have identified this problem because they are the cause of poor standard of education because a child that is on drugs do thing that will cause them to forget that they were suppose to go to school they loose focus and pregnancy will lead to child not contracting in class because she will lose most her time because she has to attend prenatal classes

The curriculum: some teachers are placed to teacher subjects that are not their specialties, you cannot take an accounting teacher in a science class to teacher something she does not know or not familiar with.

Resources: some school subjects are more practical than others, for instances; schools in some townships do not have science labs, so that the students could practice chemistry. Some schools do not have even one computer or even text books.

Management capacity: the principle as head of the school is manager, meaning...
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