Adolescence, Peer group, Substance abuse

I. Peer Pressure
A. What is peer pressure?
1. When “friends” persuade you to do something you don’t want to do. 2. Kids give into peer pressure because they want to be liked or fit in. 3. Part of life; strong influence during teens.
4. Peer pressure is not always bad
5. Major problems: do it just to impress /please your friends 6. Walk away from peer pressure
7. Have friends like you.
B. Good/bad/negative peer pressure
1. Good peer pressure
2. Benefiting from good peer pressure
3. Bad peer pressure
4. How can bad peer pressure affect you
5. Negative peer pressure
6. How to respond to negative peer pressure
C. Within peer pressure
1. Fitting in
2. Peer support
3. Help form friends
4. Be true to yourself
5. Think about what you’re getting out of the choices your making II. Peer Pressure: Drugs
A. Peer pressure dealing with drugs
1. Your choices are your business
2. There are no guarantees; drug taking of any kind carries certain risks 3. Make a sensible choice
4. What does peer pressure mean to you; don’t get involved with drugs 5. Take responsibility when it comes to decisions.
B. Peer pressure; substance abuse
1. The importance of peer pressure in substance
2. Behavior by friends
3. Positive peer pressure (drugs)
4. How to combat negative drug peer pressure
III. Peer Pressure: Smoking
A. Smoking peer pressure
1. Statistics; smoking peer pressure
2. Significance of smoking
3. Effects of smoking peer pressure
4. Consequences of peer pressure smoking
B. Peer pressure and smoking
1. Smoking is often due to peer pressure
2. Peer pressure directly leads to smoking
3. Consequences of smoking under peer pressure
4. How to prevent peer pressure in smoking?
5. Say no when required
C. Peer pressure and smoking
1. Peer pressure influence on smoking
2. You don’t have to smoke
3. How teenagers give in to peer pressure
4. Parents and friends role
5. The problem with peer pressure smoking
IV. Sexual Peer Pressure
A. Learning to...
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