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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Chapter 3: Culture
____________: The values, beliefs, behavior, and material objects that together form a people’s way of life
* ____________: The intangible world of ideas created by members of a society * ____________: The tangible things created by members of a society * ____________: Disorientation due to the inability to make sense out of one’s 
surroundings; domestic and foreign travel * ____________: A biased “cultural yardstick” * ____________: More accurate understanding 
Symbols * Anything that carries a particular meaning recognized by people who share a culture * ____________ create new symbols all the time. * Reality for humans is found in the ____________ things carry with them. * The basis of culture; makes social life possible * People must be mindful that meanings vary from ____________ * Meanings can even vary greatly within the same groups of people. 
Language: A system of symbols that allows people to communicate with one another * ____________: The process by which one generation passes culture to the next * _sapir whorf thesis___________: People perceive the world through the cultural lens of language. Values and Beliefs * ______values__: Culturally defined standards of desirability, goodness, and beauty, which serve as broad guidelines for social living. Values support beliefs. * __ beliefs__________: Specific statements that people hold to be true; artpicular matters that individuals consider to be true or false.

Sullivan 1
Sociologist Robin Williams’ Ten Values That are Central to American Life Equal opportunity
Achievement and success
Material and comfort
Are some of these values inconsistent with one another? Values sometimes conflict * Williams’ list includes examples of value clusters * Sometimes one...
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