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Everyone is raised in their own ethnic surroundings. This is mainly based upon the ethnicity to which one belongs, the type of parents by which one is brought up, or the “Americanization” of parents from another culture. An individual informs others of their cultural standards through their actions, their initiative, their respect of family, and their futuristic thinking. These aspects build up one’s personality and lifestyle. In “Indian Father’s Plea”, the father desires his son to have a good educational base free from prejudicial hindrances. He believes that American schools should maintain a friendly learning environment. He describes his son’s upbringing through his culture and how it is different from the manner in which his son’s classmates were raised. His sincerity for his son moves the reader and makes him feel irritated by the teacher. It is the teacher who makes fun of the student which in turn makes the other students laugh at him and judge him. The teacher should look passed the Indian boy’s appearance, his speech, and his clothing. Teachers should refrain from judging students by their external qualities. In Sandra Cisneros’ vignette, “No Speak English”, part of the novel The House on Mango Street, the power of language impacts the lifestyle of a character. In the vignette there is a character named Mamacita who longs for her old home, her “real” home back in her country. [Mamacita is a large woman, yet her homesickness makes her small.] Mamacita knows no English whatsoever. Because of this, Spanish is her only road out to that country, her home country that is. Unable to adapt to American society because of lack of communication, Mamacita remains inside her little apartment home for the rest of her days. Spanish is clearly more than a mere means of communication for her; it is part of her cultural identity. If she were capable of comprehending the English language, her perspective on life would be different in that she wouldn’t stay indoors all...
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