Scholarship Interview

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why do you need scholarship?

scholarship gives big opportunity to students who wants to study at abroad. main problem of studying abroad is tuition. if its resolved everyone can study abroad where want to study.

why do you deserve the scholarship?

 I deserve this scholarship, because I have the ability to follow through with all the hard work it will take to achieve my dreams and my goals. I believe in myself and I believe, with this scholarship, it will give me the foundation I need to build a better me, and enable me to become a person who makes a difference in this world.

what is your hobby?

i like playing basketball and football in my free time. i really love football and like to watch football match every weekend. also i like read a book. when i was student at university i spend lot of time to read a book.

what is your purpose to study abroad?

i purpose to improve my knowledge. like i said i work at mining company as a manager, i need to study about business administration or something related that. one more thing that i want to be there is my girlfriend who study in india.

why did you choose India?

i surfed net much about india. life value is not high like America and others. but quality of teaching is high. i think it is one of the comfortable place for students.

what do you like to do in your free time?

what about your country?

why do you choose certain field of study?

do you think u can study foreign language?

tell me about yourself?

my name is Amarbat. i am 24. i finished my secondary school in umnugovi province and graduated national university of mongolia as a researcher and translator in 2011. after my graduation i worked at mining company as a translator and coordinator for 8 months, and got promoted i became general manager of the company. i am single and i am not married yet. but i have girlfriend. she studies at osmania university in india.

what is your inspiration?
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