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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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I am of Haitian descent but was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. My parents I would say created a kind, loving, responsible, silly, smart, loving and respectful daughter. I unfortunately have two older brothers and no sisters. However I am a huge family person and love them to death. Family is everything to me and what makes life enjoyable to me. The death of my nephew due to the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti I had great difficulty accepting. This really made me appreciate my loved ones and that you never know what you got until it’s gone. This earthquake affected millions of people in Haiti. This tragedy not only changed the lives of me and my family but the whole country. I experienced intense emotions and increased stress. The death of my nephew caused me to lose complete focus in school and face depression. His death hit me the hardest because he was so young and died a painful death stuck underneath the rubble of his house. Eventually I decided to manage my pain and not let depression rule my life. My motivation to be successful in life is my nephew. I promised him I would pursue my dream of becoming a pharmacist and give back to Haiti in the future. I plan on being a pre-pharmacy major at Florida A & M University and move on to Pharmacy School after I complete my two years of pre-requisites. I hope to graduate with my Pharm.D. Degree and become a successful pharmacist. As a pharmacist i plan to go to Haiti to help select, dispense and counsel on medications, recommend non-pharmaceutical remedies, provide first aid, develop patient profiles and monitor drug therapies and outcomes.

I feel as the perfect candidate for our community living scholarship because of my personal characteristics and strong motivation for school. I would make it essential for me to establish a good relationship with my roommates. I’m a great person to rely on when things need to get done around the house. You’ll find that I’m a trustworthy person and will respect my...