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As I prepare to embark on a new journey in college I reflect on my experience and my life up to this point. As a student, I feel that education is the most valuable and precious thing in life. It’s important not to let anything and anyone become an obstacle to your education. In addition, it’s important to continue my education by attending a college where I can take my studies seriously, and to reach my goal of becoming a Summa Cum Laude. I have proven to myself that I am a hard worker by putting my best effort into everything I do.

I believe that I deserve this scholarship for many reasons, my high attendance, academic achievements, determination, time management, financial need, and to achieve my goals. I’m very diligent in my studies and attend my classes every day on time. I always turn in my work on I set goals only to achieve them, not to break them. I have worked hard to obtain the grades and discipline I have today, even though my gpa and grades aren’t as high as I would’ve wanted it to be I still continue to strive for the best. If I receive this scholarship I can accomplish my goals and increase incredible knowledge that exists in college. I will make the best use of this scholarship to succeed at Vincennes University.

In closing, this scholarship would be a blessing for me because out of all the young people, I was picked. If I receive the scholarship it’ll not just be receiving money for me. It lets me know I’m seen as having potential for the future of our society.

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