Schindlers List

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Jews Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Schindler´s List Reaction
Scene B: The movie is mainly shot in black and white and there a few scenes that include color. One scene was the one with the girl in the red coat. She represents the first time Schindler has affection towards the Jewish people and makes him realize the atrocities the Nazi regime were committing. She appears once more in the film later when Schindler sees a pile of dead bodies and among them was this little girl recognizable by only her red coat. This is significant because it shows Schindler has changed because before he saw the liquidation of the ghetto he only cared about making money but after he sees this he tries to save as many Jew´s lives as he can. He is clearly disturbed by what he sees happening to the Jew´s at the hands of the Nazi´s and he is devasted to see this whole thing. Actions following this shows he clearly has affection towards the Jewish people such as when he paid Cpt. Amon Goeth hundreds of thousands of reichsmarks for the Jews just so he could save them. He even makes sure that the German soldiers are not on the factory floor and the remain on the outside of the building and he makes sure his Jews are properly fed and are allowed to practice their religion.

Scene A:
History can not be changed however it can be erased. There is a quote that states ¨history is written by the victors¨ and that basically is evident. If Nazi Germany had won the war we most likely would not have known about the death camps and the mass genocide that was going on. Goth´s men followed orders mostly out of nationalism and also because of they did not follow the orders the could be court martialed or even worse shot in the back. Something this terrible did happen in the united States and that is called slavery. Mass amounts of people were forcibly moved from where they lived and move to different parts of their countries or in the United States part the world and made to work to death. It is very important to fit in and when...
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