Schindlers List

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Schindler’s List
March 6th, 2012
Schindler’s List
You are put into a death camp because you are of a Jewish religion. Day after day you are talked down to by German soldiers and thought of as a plush toy that can just be thrown around. You try to put out some authority over anyone higher than you and you are instantly dehumanized, more than you already are, and are probably killed on the spot. You are a lucky one, however, because you were in the left line, not the right, so you get to live instead of getting sent to a gas chamber or crematorium. So you spend every waking moment that you are able to, working in a factory for the hierarchy of the German economy.

In the movie Schindler’s List, every Jew that was captured in Germany had this lifestyle. Either they had the rough, hard working life, or were instantly incinerated with all of their family and friends. The movie portrayed this very well, and at times was really hard to watch as it made me feel bad just for being a human being, as no one could be that cruel even though it was real. This whole movie was about choices.

Whether you were a German soldier or a Jew in one of the camps, you had many choices to make. If you were a German soldier, you didn't have as many choices to make because you could basically do whatever you want and not get in huge trouble because of it. Even after the whole thing, the guards would just say “I was only following orders.” Which doesn't make much sense since they would just walk around wasting everyone that got in their way.

The Jewish worker, however, was either excommunicated and incinerated, gassed to death, or got to work in the German factories. Those main choices weren't really theirs though. If they looked like a really strong man, they would of course be put into the factories, just as much of a chance of a weak elderly man can get into a factory too. It was just the luck of the draw as if you were a kid or lady you were probably going to be killed the same...
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