Schindlers List

Topics: The Holocaust, Oskar Schindler, Schutzstaffel Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 17, 2012
During the Holocaust it was very difficult for the Jews. Such as they were burned in gas chambers, and were beaten to death in concentration camps. Oskar Shindler, a man who was greedy at first began to feel sorry for the Jews, and did everything to help. By the end of the Holocaust, he saved 1,100 lives and some victims of the Holocaust are still alive today. To save the Jews from suffering, Schindler wrote a list of names who can board the train. Whomever boarded the train they were headed to a factory in Zwittau-Brinnlitz. At Zwittau-Brinnlitz, they received food, water, clothing, and blankets. At the other factories they previously went to they were treated like animals, but when they arrived at Zwittau-Brinnlitz they were treated like humans. In addition, in the factory Schindler didn't want the SS guards putting their hands on the Jews, instead he wanted them to treat the Jews with respect. To save the Jews Schindler helped the women when the train taking them to Zwittau-Brinnlitz was accidently taking them to Auschwitz. To stop the train and redirect tehm to Zwittau-Brinnlitz Schindler offered the camp commanders diamonds. After giving the diamonds to the camp commanders they took the train, and headed them off to Zwittau-Brinnlitz. I thought bribing the SS guards was the right thing to do because if he hadn't the women would of went to a dangerous camp where the torture, and make the Jews suffer. Schindler also saved to lives of children. At first the SS guards wouldn't let the children board with the women, but Schinlder took a stand. By taking his stand he told the SS guards that he needed the children to polish shells. The SS guards agreed, and let the children board with the women. I thought when Schindler took this stand he was very brave, and he also helped children he really didn't know.
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