Schindler Reaction Paper

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Renzele B. Guevarra
MWF – 2-3pm
"Whoever saves one life saves the world entire."- A quote that emphasizes helping or saving a person’s life can save the world as a whole. As I watched the movie, Schindler’s List is an extreme and tragic true to life movie. It shows the remarkable part of the history. The movie is very powerful in its message. Every scene caught my attention and my mind is in set all the time. Some of the parts in this film are very brutal and bloody. It makes me feel appall especially when a person can easily shoot and fold one’s life. Those parts are very shocking and deadly. Those powerful people have a right to torture the lives of people even if they are all innocent and only have an ordinary life. When you see the kids being taken away from their parents is such heartache and sorrow. This movie can really demonstrate how a person can easily kill another person or even just a kid just because of his or her race especially when that person has a better learning and skill than him, the people who can’t accept that there are people who are richer, more intelligent and better than them. They don't want others to outweigh them. There are so many pain that you could felt in watching this movie. But as we all know there is still an angel sent by God that could save people from sin. Oskar Schindler is the one. He is the savior that saves the life of Jews that can be rescued. A person who throws away huge money just for the sake of saving lives. There is still a person who has a warmed heart even though he is part of the Nazis. The scenes shows how Schindler saves the Jews makes me really amazed on his ideas and ways in saving the lives of the workers or the Jews. I idolized him for doing those kinds of good deeds despite of his race, position, money and power. He really used it very well. Still there is hope for the people or the Jews that they will survive from that suffering and death. Schindler is a great man. He helps the people that...
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