Scheduling System

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Chapter 1
Project context
Nowadays, computer technology is vast and changing the lives of every walks of life. Almost all of the establishments, business sectors, schools and universities had their own updates of computer technology. This change improves the marketing strategy that makes them globally competitive. Different application had been used and had been improved; most especially when it comes to examination scheduling system. According to the registrar’s the current system of Pan Pacific University North Philippines is not effective in times of posting examination schedule. Some students and teachers are not satisfied about the system that they are using. There are some errors that we need to correct in terms of the time of the examinations period. The current system is also not helping the student’s but they are wasting their time to find their rooms. And also they have a human error that they encountered. The examination scheduling system purposed is to facilitate the preparation of examination schedules to reduce manual involvement and the amount of time taken to prepare examination schedules. This system is made possible with the creation of a database that collects information pertaining to the examination schedules such as lecturers’ preferences of invigilation dates and time and their constraints. Besides, the system also allows lecturers to provide feedback and any other relevant information to the scheduling committee. This system benefits especially the Administration Office of institutions of PUNP because it enables them to produce comprehensive examination schedule.

The current examination scheduling system of Pan Pacific University North Philippines, Tayug, Campus is the registrar will arrange the scheduled examination for the student’s, it is divided into four terms prelim, midterm, semi-final and final examinations happens in three day examination’s and then the printed output of the examination will be posted on the...
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