Scharffen Berger Chocolate Case Study

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Academic year 2011/2012
Operations Management
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Case study
Process analysis

 From the case we can see the following relations:
- 250kg of beans  185kg of nibs; This relation can be seen in the description of the act ivity Winnower, so we know that
1kg of beans  0,74kg of nibs

As stated in the description of the Conche activity: 1.400kg of semisweet chocolate contains 850kg of nibs, in other words, 1kg of semi sweet chocolate  850/1400=0,6071kg of nibs

1kg of nibs  0,46kg of chocolate paste; This one is explained in the Melangeur activity (nibs are composed by 54% of cocoa butter and the rest used for the chocolate paste). Despite this, we assume that all the nibs are transferred to the next activity (Conche) in order to keep it coherent with the previous assumption (1400kg of the final product contains 850kg of nibs).

Only semi-sweet chocolate is produced by Scharffen Berger.
We assume that a month has 30 days and a year 365 days.
We assume that we are at the beginning of 2005 (1st of January) -

Activity 1: Cleaner
From the case we know that this activity has a capacity of 200kg of beans per 15 minutes. Although from these only 192kg remain (100kg beans  96kg clean beans), so we considered the capacity to be the output of the machine, the 192kg of beans per 15 minutes. It also says that in this activity there is only one machine, which works for 8 hours per day, 7 days a week. By the three simple rule:

 192kg beans/15min
 192*4=768kg beans/h
 768*(185/250)=568,32kg nibs/h
 568,32*(1400/850)=936,06kg semi-sweet choc/h
 936,06*8=7488,45kg semi-sweet choc/day
 7488,45*30=224653,55kg semi-sweet choc/month
Activity 2: Roaster
Here we separated the roasting part from the cooling part. It also says that in this activity (roasting and cooling) there is only one machine, which works for 8 hours per day, 7 days a week. This one has a capacity of 250kg beans per 1,25 hours:  250/1,25=200kg beans/h

 200*(185/250)=148kg nibs/h
 148*(1400/850)=243,76 kg semi-sweet choc/h
 243,76*8=1950,12kg semi-sweet choc/day
 1950,12*30=58503,53kg semi-sweet choc/month

Activity 3: Cooler
We considered the rest for this activity (the cooling part), so 250kg of beans in 15 minutes:
 250*4=1000kg beans/h
 1000*(185/250)=740kg nibs/h
 740*(1400/850)=1218,82 kg semi-sweet choc/h
 1218,82*8=9750,59kg semi-sweet choc/day
 9750,59*30=292517,65kg semi-sweet choc/month

Activity 4: Winnower
In this activity there is only one machine that works for 8 hours per day, 7 days a week, and has a capacity of 450kg of beans per hour. So:
 450kg of beans/h
 450*(185/250)=333kg of nibs/h
 333*(1400/850)=548,47kg of semi-sweet choc/h
 548,47*8=4387,76kg of semi-sweet choc/day
 4387,76*30=131632,94kg of semi-sweet choc/month

Activity 5: Melangeur
Here there is also only one machine that can process 115kg of nibs in 1,25 hours during 2 shifts of 8 hours (16 hours) per day, 7 days per week. So:  115kg of nibs/1,25h
 115/1,25=92kg of nibs/h
 92*(1400/850)=151,53kg of semi-sweet choc/h
 151,53*16=2424,47kg of semi-sweet choc/day
 2424,47*30=72734,12kg of semi-sweet choc/month

Activity 6: Conche
This one has 2 machines, each able to process 1.400kg of semi-sweet choc during 62 hours (12hours to reduce from 1.000 microns to 100, and 50 hours to reach the target size of 25 microns). These machines work for a full day (24 hours), 7 days a week.  1400kg of semi-sweet choc/62h per machine

 1400/62= 22,58kg of semi-sweet choc/h per machine
 22,58*2=45,16kg of semi-sweet choc/h
 45,16*24=1083,87kg of semi-sweet choc/day
 1083,87*30=32516,13kg of semi-sweet choc/month


Activity 7: Tempering
Only has 1 machine that works for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although this activity has a capacity of 200kg of semi -sweet choc per hour, it is only used at a capacity of 140kg of semi-sweet choc per hour. Despite this...
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