Sch 32 Engage in Personal Development

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Task 1

1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role.

As a volunteer Teaching Assistant/Classroom helper I have worked hard to establish professional relationships with the Teachers and permanent TA’s which in turn has resulted in me being treated and respected as one of the team by them and the pupils I work with. Within my role I help provide support to the teachers by preparing effective learning environments, assisting the pupils to reach their full potential by ensuring the environment is kept clean, tidy and safe. My main duties and responsibilities are to select and prepare learning resources appropriate to the lesson and where needed adapt the resources to meet the individual or group’s needs. During the lessons I clarify the objectives and check the required amount of support to be given along with the task differentiation to meet all abilities and monitor/record pupil response and progress throughout the task. It is important as a Teaching Assistant to listen carefully to the pupils and encourage their ideas and opinions to help them become strong independent learners by responding to them appropriately, encouraging them and keeping them on the right track to achieve the leaning objective. Within the role of Teaching Assistant/Classroom helper I carry out observations on behaviour and help the pupils to make the right choices in their actions while also reporting any relevant concerns to the appropriate person. As a Teaching Assistant you play an integral part in the day to day running of the classroom by carrying out administrative duties as required by the teacher including collecting, collating information, filing and photocopying allowing the teacher to spend more time actively teaching. As a Teaching Assistant/Classroom helper you also play a key role in providing comfort and immediate care for minor accidents, upsets and ailments as well as escorting and supervising in out of school activities such as working to the church for end of term service, trips to the theatre, Library and Beach The role of a Teaching Assistant is an all-round experience and one that allows you to reflect, develop and grow in role every day.

1.2 Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards.

Depending on your job role will depend on which set of occupational standards you have to adhere to and thus in turn the expectations they then place upon you and your role. The Training and Development agency have National Occupational Standards for Supporting Teaching Learning. These standards enable schools to adapt, change and improve support staff skills to ensure all children are given the opportunity to achieve and succeed. The National Occupational Standards are based on the roles and responsibilities of support staff in today’s schools and can be used in a variety of ways to aid Recruitment, Performance reviews, Training and Development and Career progression. As a volunteer Teaching Assistant/ Classroom helper I am still expected to adhere and comply to these standards when working as a Volunteer Teaching Assistant. The expectations set out are that I will come into a class environment and provide suitable and appropriate support to the teacher and children allowing effective teaching and learning to take place which links to the National Occupational Standard STL 1 an example of how I contribute to this is when Readers workshop takes place first thing in the morning. On arriving in the class I agree with the Teacher which group I will be working with and the complexity of the task and the amount of support to be given allowing the children to gain the most from this lesson. Throughout these

sessions and any other lessons I assist with I observe how the children interact, engage in an activity and the amount of support that has been given and feed this information back to the Class Teacher or Full Time TA. When volunteering as a Teaching Assistant/Classroom...
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