Sch 32

Topics: Psychology, Need, Behavior Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: June 20, 2012
SHC 32: Engage in personal development in health, social care or children and young people’s settings

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Within my job descriptions all aspects relate to relevant standards as set out by The National Occupational standards for teaching assistants. I aassist teaching staff in the delivery of learning activities and work programs and undertake predetermined activates with pupils so that their intellectual and social development (including self-reliance and self-esteem) is fostered. I do this in accordance with school polices and statutory requirements. I feel do this effectively but would like to develop my own literacy and numeracy skills so I can become more confident with the delivery of input. I provide input into planning and evaluation of learning activities for individual groups of pupils to enable staff to make informed decisions when developing their plans. I am also able to monitor and evaluate the children’s responses to the learning activity through observation and planned recording. I monitor individual pupil’s progress, achievements and developments and report these to the teaching staff/line manger to inform decisions taken regarding Individual Education Programmes, Behavior plans and personal care programs for individual pupils. I feel that I do this effectively and my ideas and knowledge of ASD pupils is valued within my setting. I have liaised with parents regarding I.E.PS and annual reviews to ensure that the child’s individual needs are being met, this also allows staff and parents to develop a trusting relationship which will ensure effective communication concerning the pupils well being. I supervise the activities of individual and groups of pupils both in and out of the classroom (including educational visits) and provide support as needed to enable pupils to follow instructions, use praise, commentary and assistance to encourage pupils to stay on task. I do this daily within class, through my own spelling group and as...
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