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Topics: Understanding, Nonviolent Communication, Communication Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: May 22, 2013
1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. We need good communication in the work setting as:-
* It gives a better understanding on how to relate to individual children, for example a parent could share their child always starts sucking their thumb when tired. * It builds trust between parents and carers.

* Workers can gain and share relevant information to ensure best possible care. * It forms positive relationships with the people we work with and the children feel comfortable, safe and happy at our setting. * It enables us to express our feelings and wants and allows children to be less likely to be frustrated if they are allowed to also. (Beith 2010) Miscommunication could lead to a break down in the relationship between the setting parents/child. This could lead to trust being broken and misunderstandings occurring. We need to make sure that we have time to explain things clearly and maybe have a quiet room or area to discuss situations that arise confidentially and ensure that the parent understands what is being said. This is especially important if the parent speaks English as a second language or if they have a hearing impairment, or need extra time to understand information. Miscommunication can also lead to mistakes being made that result in the child missing out on a trip or not having equipment that is necessary for example a parent might have thought they had to beat the bus at 10am when it was 9am, this could have been easily resolved by a letter home, or an e-mail, or text message. Miscommunication can lead to serious complaints against the setting which could have been dealt with by talking, or simply apologising for any misunderstanding. Children pick up on our feelings and what we say, so we need to have positive relationships with the families and work with them. We need to resolve miscommunication issues by discussing with parents, apologising and coming to a place of agreement, the sooner this...
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