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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Pattamon Piemmongkol (20D)
Corporate Social Responsibility
SCG (Siam Cement Group)
SCG or Siam Cement Group started off by producing cement and became successful and well-known because of being the first cement producer in Thailand. Later on SCG expanded their enterprise by producing more products such as paper and building materials. It has been almost a hundred year of success for Siam Cement Group and they already have customer's reliability. One of SCG's virtues in doing business is concerning for social responsibility. Therefore, in this essay I will illustrate some of SCG's projects that benefit our society and how CSR benefits corporation ?

SCG divided corporate social responsibility into two types which are CSR-In Process and CSR-Out Process. CSR- In Process involves in every parts of process; from production to service. For instance, eco process's main goal is to be environmental friendly. By following 3R principle which are reduce, reuse and replenish. These 3R will be applied into the process of discarding waste. SCG eco value is a project that aims to develop their products and services to be environmental friendly such as Idea Green paper with the concept of giving back to nature. In CRS-Out Process aspect, SCG also provided many activities such as SCG Do It Green; the construction of check dam, protect water for future project (รักษ์นํ้าเพื่ออนาคต) which created in order to restore environment. SCG Sci-Camp, and SCG foundation is created in order to provide the support in educational aspect.

In business advantages, SCG surely receives better image in being environmental friendly brand since the products of SCG mostly involve in damaging environment such as paper and chemicals. Therefore, CSR help improving brand image in a very positive way. Besides having a better image, corporation will also benefits from brand positioning which customers will choose to purchase their products more which lead to more income. For instance,...
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