Sceniro Evaluation Plan

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Evaluation Plan-SRPYS


Scenario Evaluation Plan

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Evaluation Plan-SRPYS Scenario Evaluation Plan Evaluation is one of the most important steps in the development and


implementation of any program or project. As imperative as it is to lay a solid foundation through mission, goals, and objectives, it is equally as important to have a way to define success or failure through use of appropriate tools, accurate reporting, and proper evaluation techniques. Deciding whether to use a process evaluation format or outcome evaluation can be challenging, but often a coordinated system is most telling. The main objective of any evaluation technique is to provide the state of the agency and how well or poorly their programs are working, what may need to be changed, and how well they continue to meet their mission, goals and objectives. The Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony (SRPYS) is an organization which prides itself on the development and achievements of young people; primarily in music education and excellence, but also leadership and scholarship. The community strongly supports the teaching and mentorship that this organization provides the youth of its area; recognizing that without music, life becomes dull. Discipline is one of the primary drivers of most musicians and SRPYS encourages hard work, challenging mastership of musical talents, and performances of exceptional quality. Auditions are held each year in June for qualified candidates, but with the loss of music programs in elementary and middle schools they realize that some type of program needs to be developed to serve that group of students. The mission, goals, and objectives that are presented in the scenario are fairly generalized. Without an adequate, detailed description of how the program will be administrated and implemented, it is nearly impossible to perform a process evaluation.

Evaluation Plan-SRPYS


Process evaluations serve to collect the information...
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