Scenario Solution

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Scenario Solution
HSM 220
February 27, 2011
Sandra Whitlock, M.A.

Scenario Solution
The current state of the economy in the United States today has placed more pressure on Human Service Organizations. Human Service Organizations are private or public organizations that help meet the needs of people in the communities that surround them. Locally, many programs that have helped countless numbers of people are forced to cut down on services or simply close. In this community, because of the number of jobs lost resulting from relocation of companies to other cities, the decline of local property taxes that support the local school systems have caused the local school district to lose needed resources. One of the major problems in the local school district is the increase in high school dropout rates. Our not-for-profit organization has been allocated to receive $1,600, 000, and will increase by 50% in two years, to provide high-quality educational, vocational, and training services. These services will equip high school dropouts with the necessary skills needed to gain potential employment opportunities.

It is important to have structure in an opportunity to service as this one. Departmentalizing each program will ensure that every aspect is coved. Departmentalization, by program, function, process, market, client, or by geographic area, allows this organization to focus on one area within the organization. Another advantage in departmentalization is there is one person who is in charge of each department, and they can specialize and focus on that one area of the organization. Although there is one person over a department, it can be a disadvantage to have unproductive employees, not as knowledgeable as the supervisor. This can cause frequent turnover, which leads to more training and hiring costs. Good or bad, when an organization departmentalizes, there is a no question that is in charge of day to day operation.

This brings the focus to the human resources department. This human services organization will begin by conducting an audit of current human resources. Second, there should be a prediction of the supply and demand of human resources. In addition, an action plan will be developed and implemented. Finally, evaluating, and regulating the procedures listed above.

In determining what job functions are necessary to achieve our goal, the human resources department should follow the four steps listed below • Project personnel needs in accordance with strategic goals and objectives. Evaluate each position from management to support staff. Determine what the expectations of each job are. A list of qualifications should also be developed. These lists can help a potential employee understand the expectations and qualifications of the job. Making these lists for current employees to show where they may need further development is also needed. Using said documents will not only identify qualifications, and job expectations; they can be used to evaluate a demographic profile for current staff. • Developing a plan for achieving the desired personnel profile. In developing a plan to achieve the desired personnel profile the human resources department should look at internal strategies, internal options made by organizational change and external strategies. • Implement the changes necessary to achieve the plan’s goals and objectives. After finalizing the plan for achieving the desired personnel profile, focus on recruiting, hiring, training, those who meet the qualifications desired. Internally, coaching, and developing current employees must begin. In some cases terminations will be a part of this step. • Monitor and evaluate the effects of changes as they are implemented. Follow-up on all the changes made to the personnel profile to ensure that they are implemented according to plan.

The administrative coordinator will make sure that all aspects of information...
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