Scenario Evaluation Plan

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Here is the Assessment portion so far.

• Assessment: Discuss the purpose of the program and outline its function. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency purpose is to promote an atmosphere of protection, security, and support for individuals and families that are affected by domestic violence. The function of this program is to provide crisis interventions to stop violence in the home. Provide counseling support to those that have experienced episodes of violence youth to adults, parents, siblings, or an entire family. Find a place of shelter for families or individuals needing a safe place to stay outside the home. Educating mothers of options to returning to a violent home. Informing our community leaders of the situations by our citizens. Gathering support from political and community leaders to advocate better services.

Scenario Evaluation Plan
Mayda Moore
HSM 270
February 11, 2011
Professor William Latte

Scenario Evaluation Plan
                                            PEACE Domestic Evaluation Plan The City of Portland experienced increasing reports of domestic and youth violence, spousal and child abuse, assault, and incidents with road rage that can have damaging effects unrecognized by some.       Family violence can leave people and young children vulnerable.   The evaluation plan for the PEACE agency will lead toward ending and preventing violence by implementing primary prevention. PEACE will help prevent violence and begin healthy relationship to support parents, youth educator, leaders, research and the community.       The purpose of the evaluation plan is to outline an effective plan that will work together to reinforce, strengthen and show through educational resources for relationships and respect of nonviolent actions.       PEACE will provide tools, framework, and research to support comprehensive solutions to prevent complex and variable violence. Plans will include a roadmap for individuals, influences, community, and society...
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