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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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1. Who is your Student Advisor?
2. What are his/her business hours? 830-5pm EST Mon-Fri
3. How are Student Advisors assigned to students? They are assigned by academic school and degree program so that they are familiar with the unique details of all programs offered, and also by the beginning of your last name. 4. During which week in the lesson content, do you find information on setting up Turnitin? Week 4 5. According to the APUS Grading Chart, what is the lowest percentage must a student obtain in order to earn an “A” in a class? 94% 6. How does a student get a copy of his/her grade report?  After you log in, on the left hand side, there are a bunch of links.  Towards the bottom there is a print menu, and the fifth one under that heading says “Print grade reports.” Click that, and then you can go to each class and get the report. 7. Where is the online form I can use to contact my advisor?  On the left hand side there is a “Student Advising and Resource Center” and after you click on that it brings up another window.  In the menu bar up top there is a “Meet Your Advisor” heading.  You can click on that and on the left hand side it says “Contact My Advisor.”  Fill out the information and submit the form. 8.  What forms are available in the campus?

* Academic Program Change Request Form
* Certificate Completion Application Form
* Course Drop/Withdrawal Form
* Course Extension (30 Day) Request Form
* Course Extension (Special) Request Form
* Disenrollment Request Form
* New Program Enrollment Application Form
* Graduation Application Form
* Institution Transfer Request Form
* Interlibrary Loan Request Form
* Program Hold Request Form
* Program Hold Return Request Form
* Program Deadline Extension Request Form
* Readmission Application
* RQ295/COLL100 Waiver Form
* Graduate Course Waiver Form
* TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation) Application
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