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  • Published : February 1, 2012
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Tools and Techniques Paper: Scatter Diagram


October 1, 200

Tool and Techniques Paper: Scatter Diagram
When faced with a problem, one can utilize various tools and techniques to try to solve the said problem. Depending on the way a person process his or her thoughts would greatly affect which tools or techniques might be the best for one to use. For example, if a person understands better by seeing the information, one might use a visual tool like a pie chart, bar graph or perhaps a scatter diagram; which will assist in the member interpreting the information being presented more accurately. If you have ever had a brain block or just simply “spaced-out” to the point to where you might not even know where to start trying to solve a problem, you could utilize the brainstorming technique. An example of this technique is used to jot down ideas and facts about the problem; then arrange them in an order that you believe is best in solving your problem. Along with my primary job tasking for the military, I am also assigned as the Physical Fitness Assessment Coordinator for my command. One of my recent projects that I analyzed was the relationship between age and physical readiness scores of the Navy personnel in my command. Since I tend to retain and understand information better when utilizing visual aids, I decided to use a scatter diagram to plot my findings. A scatter diagram shows the relationship between those data items of two numeric properties or variables. One property is represented along the x-axis and the other along the y-axis. The purpose of a scatter diagram is to display what happens to one variable when another is changed (Clemson, 2006). Some determining factors on when to use a scatter diagram is when you suspect there is a relationship between the variables; the data is continuous, such as temperature, time or numbers; and when you need a fast and easy way to test relationship between variables. You would not use the...
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