Scatch and Fats

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  • Published: April 5, 2013
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The Best of Cultures

Dr. Doug Davis
Humanities 1502
Word Count: 2138

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Louis Armstrong Satch Plays Fats

In listening to Louis Armstrong’s “ Satch Plays Fats” album you get a smooth, bourbon street vibe. You get the vibe as if you were in New Orleans at a jazz concert or parade. Armstrong has a very deep voice which is very noticeable in every song. I noticed the instruments played more than he did, which tells me he enjoyed playing his instruments more than singing. He blends his voice very well with his trumpet, the whole album gives off a laid back vibe to relax to. The album “ Satch Plays Fats” was dedicated to “Fats” Waller, and the two artist had many similarities. They both are very entertaining when it comes to there music ,and both are African Americans who sing from there soul. Evaluation:

In listening to the smooth, trumpet sounds of Louis Armstrong it made me understand the strong meaning behind his music. Just through his lyrics I could feel the pain and struggle in his music of what he was going through in the song “ Black and Blue”. After listening to his CD, I realized how others could possibly start to like his music, it can touch you in a certain way. Overall I did actually like the album, in the beginning I never would have gave jazz a listen or even thought about actually liking some of the music from it. After taking the time to review and...
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