Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites: Skrillex's Cover Art

Topics: Angle, Green, Color Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: January 15, 2012
The artist Skrillex has some very interesting cover art for his album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. The easiest way to explain what I saw on the cover is to break it down into layers and descried each layer. The first layer of the art is a smoky light blue or cyan color. The smoke kind of looks like the smoke coming off a cigarette that has just been put out in an ash tray or if you put out a match by dipping it in a cool cup of water. The second layer is the artist’s name. It is a glossy pitch black color, with a glare coming from the top left hand corner of the picture. The light smoke starts at the bottom and as it heads up to the lettering of the name it spreads apart to reveal the lettering. While the smoke still does this, it is translucent enough to read the lettering behind it. The name also has the light blue/cyan color trim, so it only just borders the lettering. The “S” in the name is shown as a lightning bolt almost like the scar on Harry’s forehead in Harry Potter. The “K” is nothing different then a basic font except for on the bottom of the upright where it forms a point. The “R” is just a normal “R” except the loop is 2 lines forming a right triangle where the 90 degree angle is at the top of the upright. The two “L”’s in the name are replaced with the Skrillex logo. The logo is composed of three red uprights or rectangles of the left being a different length then the one on the right and one in the middle. The leftmost upright has a point forming at the top and is placed so the point is just above the middle one. The middle upright is of equal size to the right one and has a point forming on the bottom, as does the one on the right. The right most post is positioned just a little bit lower then the one on the right. All together they form stairs going downward starting with a point then just two flat steps. The “E” returns back to the black glossy look but the main upright of the “E” is of equal length to the right most upright of the logo....
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