Scarlet Letter Sinners

Topics: Morality, Confession, Venial sin Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Scarlet Letter Sinner Essay
Sinners here and sinners there! There are sinners everywhere! But what really classifies someone a sinner? Someone becomes a sinner when he/she breaks his/her own moral code. Dimmesdale, being a minister, has broken the most of his own moral code. Although Hester and Chillingworth broke some of their moral codes, Dimmesdale is the biggest sinner because he broke the most moral codes like not confessing his sin in the beginning, being a weak and cowardly figure, and letting Hester, the love of his life, suffer throughout the whole book.

Dimmesdale, not thinking properly, didn’t confess his sin in the beginning.The novel begins with Hester in prison and eventually being led out onto the scaffold for the public to make fun of. Hester is asked to name the father of Pearl but she refuses. At this point, Dimmesdale is called upon to try and pry the information from her but alas, she refuses. Dimmesdale, being the father of Pearl, is guilty for adultery but isn’t confessing. Hester loves Dimmesdale so “she will not speak!... [she has] wonderous strength and generosity of a woman’s heart! [So] she will not speak” and protects him. By not confessing that he is the father, Dimmesdale is letting Hester suffer by herself. He is the minister of the town and he is supposed to help others that are in need of his aid. How can a minister help others if he is a coward?

Dimmesdale is a coward. He always thinks of confessing but always gets out of it. He always has illusions that he confesses but it never happens and once tried to confess the sin in the middle of the night “but it was not so. The shriek had perhaps sounded with a far greater power, to [Dimmesdale’s] startled ears, than it actually possessed.” Dimmesdale can never bring himself to actually confess his crime straight up since he is so cowardly, he starts to become two different people. During the day, he is the dying minister but in the forest with Hester, he is a living man. “If a...
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