Scarlet Letter Quotes Essay

Topics: Venial sin, English-language films, Confession Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Devon Hoover
Argumentative Essay
Mrs. Johnson

From the intriguing book The Scarlet Letter , there are two men that have conflicting viewpoints on sin. One man, Rogers Chillingsworth, believed that all men should confess their sins to show that they also are not perfect and may be liable to sin. The other man Arthur Dimnesdale believed that some men that are privileged should not confess their sins openly and that no past is better redeemed but by good services.

I whole heartedly believe and agree with Arthur Dimnesdale. Being able to agree with someone also means having the intellect to understand why someone may agree with the other side. Many people believe that living in a world of untruth can be decimating in the long run. It means that you cannot be yourself and that you are hiding behind lies. Living in untruth can become a petrifying and depressing experience. Although people believe that, they have to come to the realization that confessing your sins can also lead to bad happenings. I believe that sometimes confessing your sins openly could also become a horrifying experience as it would if you did not confess them openly. Your happiness may compress and your life, fame, and fortune may be over and that is an extremely hard thing to deal with. Something happened in my life recently that has caused me to side with Arthur Dimnesdale. When I confessed something to my parents rather it is a sin or not doesn’t matter I was taking the route of Roger Chillingsworth. I felt as if lying to my parents about my life was not okay and I had to be open with them. I must admit that it was the worse decision I could’ve made for my life at the time. The decision led to unhappiness in my life, depression, and deteriorating health. You may never know why people choose to not confess their sins openly, but obviously it is for a good reason. I believe if you stay true to yourself and confess your sins to god that no matter what you should have...
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