Scarlet Letter Pearl

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Scarlet Letter- pearl
Through out the story Pearl was said to be a curse of Hester's adultery but personally I believe she was somewhat of a blessing and a curse. For a child Pearl had amazing intelligence and was able to imagine a multitude of different personas but being as intelligent as she is, is not always a good thing for she knew that she was an outcast and even the imaginary personas she created were not her friends but enemies.

The ways in which Pearl was a blessing were for fact that other than Mr. Dimmesdale she was her mother's only companion throughout all the years and the other than Mr. Dimmesdale she could be there all the time not just when they can meet in the forest. Pearl was thought by Hester to be her redemption even if it was too late for herself she wanted the best life for pearl so she would try to do everything for her to Hester, Pearl was the greatest blessing she could have asked for and maybe even more so. she was also a blessing because when Hester and Dimmesdale meet up in the woods she would not acknowledge Hester without the letter on her chest and would not accept a kiss from Dimmesdale because she did not want them hiding in secret any longer and wanted them to come fourth and for them to be a family by asking if they were all going to walk back into town together holding hands.

Although Pearl was a blessing she was sort of a curse in more ways than one. She was always hard for Hester to manage throughout the years because she was a very difficult child to manage being her mother's daughter she was strong willed and very hard headed. Also she was look upon as a curse for even after the letter is removed Pearl will be looked upon as the one remaining emblem to remind every one of the sin of how she was created. she is also looked as a curse for her outbreaks of anger when children would lash out with their tongues she would burst into an outrage scaring off her cruel taunters then she would return to normal and be just as...
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