Scarlet Letter and Crucible Letter

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  • Published : January 18, 2012
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In 17th century, there was a group of Christians, known as puritans, in Massachusetts. One item that was different about puritans was that they had very strict rules, especially sins. The two famous works, one by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter and second by Arthur Miller, The Crucible, say a lot about puritan lives during this time period. The Scarlet Letter took place in Boston, Massachusetts, and The Crucible took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Both of his works deal with sin, its effects on different characters, people's reactions, each character's conflicts, and their resolution to the conflicts. Dimmesdale, who is one of the main characters in The Scarlet Letter, and John Proctor, who is in The Crucible. Dimmesdale is more about his respect than anything, while Proctor respects truth than his respect. We can get evidences by looking at their motivations, conflicts, and conflict resolutions, which differ the same way they do. Both, Dimmesdale and Proctor, are different men, but their external conflicts make them the most different. Dimmesdale and Proctor, are two of the main characters from books The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible respectively, who goes through many external conflicts. The conflicts that both characters undergo are different from each other. For instance, Dimmesdale has an external conflict with Chillingworth, his lover's husband, who wants to give a lot of pain for committing adultery with his wife, Hester. “His fame, his position, his life, will be in my hands.” (Chillingworth, Page 65). On the other hand, Proctor has an external conflict with Abigail, his lover, who wants to live with him for whole her life and kill his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. "Goody Proctor always kept poppets." (Proctor, Act 2). Both characters have conflicts that led them a series of problems. Dimmesdale doesn't know that Chillingworth is Hester's husband, and so keeps him as a doctor for him. Chillingworth takes advantage of this and keep giving Dimmesdale...
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