Scarlet Ibis Comparative Essay

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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The Scarlet Ibis and Woman with flower

The poem and story compares in ways, they both talk about things that you take too much care of. In Woman with flower by: Naomi long Madgett, Madgett’s poem talks about how you should take care of flowers and how a person should care and not leave them without water. In Madgett’s poem she also explains that if you coax something/someone it will become stiff and won’t grow and it will turn out of the opposite that you had imagined. In the “Scarlet ibis” by James Hurst the narrator pushes his brother far to teach him something that he could possibly not do. The main idea of Madgett’s poem is that too much tending of anyone/anything may result in the opposite of what you are expecting to happen.

The nurturing of something can lead to a good life and guidance to the right path. In Madgett’s poem her quote “such watchful nurturing may do it harm” talks about how the narrator takes care of his brother but he also pushes him too much that Doodle may feel like he is pushed too much. This quote is also meaning that Doodle may get harmed from being pushed too much. This quote is saying that being too determined to change it, without nurturing it may not lead to what you wanted it to be but when the narrator told Doodle to run because, he was mad at him not paddling as fast as he wanted him to. Another example of Madgett’s advice is “the things we love we have to learn how to leave alone” she also talks about how the narrator does not want Doodle but yet he loves him as a sibling. The narrator doesn’t understand Madgett’s advice by leaving something you care about. He could have helped Doodle without pushing him too far or by telling him that if he doesn’t learn to walk he will die. The quote “The things we love we have to learn to leave alone” means that the narrator needed to leave Doodle alone and not to push him as much as he did. Also that he could have learned to leave Doodle alone and accept him for who he was truly....
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