Scarce Resources Article

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Scarce Resources Article

Scarce Resources Article
Resolving United states nursing shortage will require efforts at a national, state, and local level. According to the American Association of College of Nursing (2012) federal legislators have demonstrated a commitment to addressing this health care crisis by nearly doubling the amount of funding for Nursing Workforce Development programs. To help address local needs, states may have to start initiating ways to increase the number of new nursing professionals to enter the workforce and become nursing faculty. Efforts from a state local level may need to also include the fact of decreasing financial barriers to complete nursing degrees, especially those of graduate levels. I believe in recent years legislative initiatives has become more powerful towards addressing nursing shortage. For example, states including Massachusetts, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, are working inside and outside of the legislative arena to launch programs involving strong collaborations between education, practice, and community stakeholders (American Association of College of Nursing 2012).

Many States around the Country are currently implementing strategies to address the nursing shortage using different methodologies. Initiatives towards funding for graduate nursing professionals and faculty meetings at the state level can certainly help increase faculty professionals. Another competitive program that can help reduce nursing shortage is by expanding nurses capacity using resources available in the communities. These will help student retention and nurse faculty professionals.

Challenges and consequences of not addressing the issue can caused poor working conditions, primarily in hospitals. In the past few years I believe hospitals have been making efforts to improve workforce environments and strategies to improve hospitals shortage but these efforts are not enough to end the shortage of nursing professionals....
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