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Nursing Shortage Continues, as Faculty Shortage Grows

The shortage of nurses is not a new issue in the health care industry as it has been existing for years now. Due to the shortage of nurses, patient care is compromised, and staff nurses are overworked. Though there are numerous articles about nursing shortage, I was especially interested in Linda Allen’s article entitled “The nursing shortage continues as faculty shortage grows.” Linda discusses contributing factors to the shortage with special focus on faculty shortage. This editorial will chronicle some the potential issues that have or can result from this problem. The challenges that the issue poses, as well as solutions to resolving the issue will be discussed in the following paragraphs. There will also be a discussion on similar thoughts as Linda, as well as issues that I disagree with.

Influencing factors

Linda and I share similar views that faculty shortage is an influencing factor in the nursing shortage. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), nursing program enrollment is restricted due to the shortage of nursing faculty. The AACN’s 2011-2012 report states that nursing schools in the US denied 75,587 individuals that met the requirements for baccalaureate and masters of nursing programs. This was due to the insufficient number of nursing faculty. When there are not enough faculties to teach, entrance into the nursing program diminishes as the institutions are mindful in not over burdening the few instructors that are still teaching. Also, an over enrollment of students can diminish the level of education students get. Another area where I agree with Linda is the fact that nursing shortage directly impacts quality in patient care. Not only is quality patient care impacted, the effect on the nurse’s wellbeing is also an issue to consider as well. Undesirable working hours according to Linda is amongst the...

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