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SCARABS Assignment

Image obtained from:
Giesel, Theodore. Veteran Recalls Battle of 1943. 1943. Cartoon. Hyperallergic, San Diego. Web. 28 Aug 2012. <>.

This source is a political cartoon related to World War II. It was created by Theodore Giesel (Dr. Seuss) as a type of war propaganda to try and encourage men to enter the war. This cartoon definitely portrays that it was considered wrong to not join the war effort if you were able to. The message is quite clear in the way Giesel words it, and it even possesses a tone of sarcasm as you read it to help prove his point. It depicts a grandfather telling his grandson of the “Battle of 1943”, a battle in which he did not fight in but instead stayed home, complaining of a fuel shortage. There is a calendar stating that it is 1973 in the background, showing that thirty years have passed since his battle. There is also his grandson on the grandpa’s lap (the grandpa is in a chair and has long beard) looking quite unimpressed at the grandpa’s story. There isn’t much symbolism item-wise in this cartoon other than the calendar displaying the date, and the grandfather’s cane, implying that he is frail and unable to properly walk. The main point that the cartoon is trying to make is in the words the grandpa is saying. When he replied to his grandson that he chose not to fight in the war and stay home, his grandson seems much less impressed in the story, in contrast to a seasoned war veteran telling his grandkids the tales of actual war battles. The words do help to clarify the cartoon’s symbols of the calendar and the cane by showing the time lapse in the story being told to the present time in the cartoon. This source taught me that it was looked down upon by the media (and most likely the public) to not join the war effort if you could. That is shown in history with the absence of a draft during WWII because so many men wanted to fight for their...
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