Scalability at Youtube

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Scalability at YouTube

Problems Youtube was facing
First of I will start talking about the problems they faced at YouTube was facing. YouTube has faced a lot of problems in its life time so far and the main issues they faced were with scalability. The main reason YouTube faced so many issues was due to its large and rapid growth, YouTube went from a small website to a technology giant and large player in the IT industry practically overnight. The solution to dealing with this large and sudden growth was to keep things simple, by using simplicity this allowed YouTube to cope with the large growth. The simplicity approach was used to conquer a lot of problems. Make it simple, look for the simplest solution to a problem, sure the problem the faced may have been complex however the best solution to the most complex problem may just be the simplest one. If not then the complexity of the solution will evolve over time. The main problem YouTube faced was in the beginning they didn’t keep things simple. It is now the lesson they give “Tao of YouTube: choose the simplest solution possible with the loosest guarantees that are practical. The reason you want all these things is you need flexibility to solve problems. The minute you over specify something you paint yourself into a corner. You aren’t going to make those guarantees. Your problem becomes automatically more complex when you try and make all those guarantees. You leave yourself no way out.” -Mike Solomon Scalability Techniques used

The scalability techniques used in the growth and development of YouTube are not new techniques. Some simple ideas can be used in many different ways. Dived and conquer is one of the scalability techniques used at YouTube, by divide and conquer it means to say that all work is broken down or portioned into small pieces and then processed a perfect example of this is to say that you have a lot of web servers which are close to identical and you take them and grow them or expand them...
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