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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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T: Good morning students!!!!
S : Good morning mam!!!
T : How are you??
S : Fine, thank you. How are you?
T: I’m fine too. Okay, before we start our lesson, first I want to check the attendance (call the students’ name one by one). Today we will learn geography. Who knows what part we’ll discuss? S: I know mam, we’ll study about natural resources.

T: Great!! We will learn about the natural resources that our country has. We know that actually Indonesia is one of country in the world that has given a lot of advantages. It can be looked by the landscape, the ethnics, and the natural resources itself. As we know, those advantages which have gven by God, start to disappear because the human itself. Okay, let’s talk about the natural resources. What is definiton of natural resources in your opinion? Please.. S: In my opinion, natural resources is what God give to us for used to fulfill the human’s need. T: Right Bella. Natural resources are all earth potensial which can be explored and used in production processes to fulfill human’s need. Natural resources, such as soil, water, air, and minning, are formed naturally and natural resources have already there since the earth’s formation process.

Those reources can’t be usefull otherwise we explore and exploite them well. We as humans always try to maintain natural resources so that it can be used to fulfill human’s need. Who knows about the classification of natural resources?? S : I know mam. There are two types of natural resources, renewable resources and unrenewable resources. T :Good Izzat. You can look your book on page 95. The renewable resources are resources that can be renewed and it can be recycled in short time. Who wants to give an example of these natural resources?? S:Water, air, sun ray, soil, and...
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