Sc300 Healty Departament Investigator

Topics: Illness, Health care, Foodborne illness Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: June 13, 2012
SC300 – Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation
Kaplan University

Investigative Report for
Jackson and Truman Middle Schools
March 28, 2012
Community Health Department Investigator;
On May 22, 2012 the Health Department was informed by Principal Perez of a potential health problem among students attending Truman and Jackson Middle Schools. After the investigative team reviewed both cases, it was determined that a possible health problem did exist and that additional investigation was needed. As a member of the investigative team, my job is to find out if there was an uncommon increase in absences and what classes were affected. I reviewed attendance records from 4 middle schools and found large increases in absences for 7th grade band students at Truman and Jackson middle schools. On May 20, 2012, 33.3% of the band students were absent at Truman and 25% at Jackson. On May 21, 2012, 23.3% were absent from Truman and 15.6% from Jackson. Then, the data found from parent interviews, attendance records, and school calendars; I was able to make a hypothesis. The hypothesis I came up with says that the absences were due to illness but did not put the community at risk. The testable questions and records to support my hypothesis are down below. Testable Question #1

Did students’ in both schools have the same symptoms? Majority of the students from both schools did experience some of the same symptoms based on information from the interviews with parents of absent students. The results indicate the absences were due to the illnesses shown below. -Stomach- aches, vomiting

Testable Question #2
Did any students from both schools interact with one another? The answer is yes. According to the school activity calendars, band students from Truman and Jackson met for a planning meeting for battle of the bands on May 15th and on May 19th. Testable Question #3

Did food poisoning cause the illnesses? The answer would be yes,...
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